Planet Centre Locator – Non Magnetic

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  • Accurate when repeated to better than .0005”
  • Probes made of nonmagnetic aluminium-bronze
  • Made in the UK by Planet
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The Planet Centre Locator can accurately find the edge of your workpiece in a milling machine. Two types are available with probes made of nonmagnetic aluminium-bronze. This enables the tool to work very accurately even when the workpiece is magnetised. For example, when the work is being held in a magnetic chuck, traditional steel probes will ‘run off’ too early.

The Spherical probe is ideal for use on flat vertical surfaces. The Cylindrical probe for use on round work.

The probes are 5mm Diameter. Accurate to better than .001” and repeatable to better than .0005”. Made in the UK by Planet.

Spherical Probe: LM01-NM
Cylindrical Probe: LM02-NM

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