EZE-LAP Chisel Care Kit Fine (600 Grit)

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  • 6’’ x 2’’ Fine (600 grit bench) bench plate
  • Includes leather pouch, honing guide and Tuf Cloth
  • High quality – Made in the USA
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The EZE-LAP Chisel Care Kit comes with a sharpening guide that will work on either chisels or planer blades. Also comes with Sentry Solutions TUF-CLOTH™, a multi-purpose dry protectant that cleans, prevents rust, and lubricates without oils or silicones. The bench plate is supplied with a quality leather pouch. The diamond portion is on one side of the substrate of the 6″ x 2″ stone.

By using an EZE-LAP product, high quality and consistent finishes can be achieved on your tools. No oil or water is necessary, the surface will remain true and flat.

High quality – Made in the USA

Fine (600 grit): EZCCKF

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