EZE-LAP Spare Stones for Knife Sharpening Kit

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  • Available in 5 different grits
  • Guide rods included
  • High quality – Made in the USA
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Spare Diamond Stones for the EZE-LAP Knife Sharpening Kit are available separately as well as extra grits that aren’t included in the kit.  Guide rods are included with each spare diamond stone so they can be used with the knife clamp in the Knife Sharpening Kit.

By using an EZE-LAP product, high quality and consistent finishes can be achieved on your tools. No oil or water is necessary, the surface will remain true and flat.

High quality – Made in the USA

Superfine (1200 grit): EZDMDSF
Fine (600 grit): EZDMDF
Medium (400 grit): EZDMDM
Course (250 grit): EZDMDC
Extra Course (150 grit): EZDMDXC

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