Gatorclamps Clamp ‘n’ Frame 300mm

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  • Innovative tool for clamping and framing
  • Includes 2 convertible clamps and framing pad set
  • Achieve precise and accurate framing for any project.
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The Gator Clamps Clamp ‘n’ Frame is an innovative and versatile tool that allows you to clamp and frame at the same time. It’s perfect for framing pictures, artwork, or any other joinery project. The Clamp ‘n’ Frame set includes two 300mm Midi bar-man clamps that easily convert from clamping to spreading. The set also comes with a framing pad set for assembling frames and right-angled joinery. With the Clamp ‘n’ Frame, you can easily set corners in place and achieve precise and accurate framing results. Whether you’re a professional framer or a DIY enthusiast, the Gator Clamps Clamp ‘n’ Frame is an essential tool for any framing project.


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