Planet Horizontal Toggle Clamps

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  • Low profile when the handle is in the closed position
  • High holding capacity to size ratio
  • Ideal for use in a workshop environment
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The Planet Horizontal toggle clamps have the advantage of having a low profile when the handle is in the closed position, and so are most suitable for applications having a height restriction. The arm and handle geometry use opposite axis directions. They have a high holding capacity to size ratio which makes them ideal for use in a workshop environment where space is limited. With these clamps, you can make easily make jigs for woodworking tasks, such as routing and milling.

Features include:

  • Red vinyl hand grip with cushioned rib profile for improved user comfort.
  • All body and linkage components are zinc plated to resist corrosion.
  • Pivot points are fitted with hardened steel or stainless steel rivets to provide a long service life.
  • Clamps with adjustable spindles are manufactured with a formed end to the arm, which captivates the spindle should it become loose during operation.
  • The handle and arm linkages are designed to provide a smooth continuous action when the handle is opened and closed.

Clamp: Zinc Plated Mild Steel
Spindle: Steel
Handle: uPVC

SKU: H25
Holding Force: 27Kg
Arm Opens: 90°
Handle Opens: 80°

SKU: H35
Holding Force: 90Kg
Arm Opens: 85°
Handle Opens: 60°

SKU: H45
Holding Force: 227Kg
Arm Opens: 90°
Handle Opens: 65°

SKU: H55
Holding Force: 340Kg
Arm Opens: 85°
Handle Opens: 50°

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