Planet HSS Countersinks

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  • Precision cutting tool for smooth holes in various materials.
  • Made of high-speed steel, highly resistant and precision ground.
  • Different sizes and angles, easy to use, ideal for industries.
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Planet HSS Countersinks are tools used for making conical holes in various materials. They provide a smooth and clean hole with a flat bottom surface that allows screws to sit flush with the material.

Made of high-speed steel, they are durable and resistant to wear, heat, and impact. They are precision ground for accuracy and consistency.

Planet HSS Countersinks come in different sizes and angles and can be used for both manual and machine drilling applications. They are ideal for use in woodworking, metalworking, and other industries.

They are easy to use and maintain and can be sharpened with a diamond file to extend their lifespan. Overall, they are reliable, efficient, and high-performance cutting tools essential for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

2 – 5mm: WW05
5 – 10mm: WW10
10 – 15mm: WW15
20 – 25mm: WW25

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2 – 5mm, 5 – 10mm, 10 – 15mm, 10 – 15mm (3/4"), 20 – 25mm