Rotur Lace Bobbin Drive

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  • Tapered drive for making lace bobbins
  • The mouth of drive is 12mm square
  • Available in 1 and 2 MT
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The Rotur Lace Bobbin Drive makes it easy to turn lace bobbins on a lathe without a chuck.  The mouth of drive is 12mm square and tapers down to 7mm over a depth of 14.5mm.

First, insert the Lace Bobbin Drive into the headstock spindle. Put a square dowel rod in the taper in the mouth and support it with a rotating centre in the tailstock. Turn your desired shape of lace bobbin and part off at the headstock end. You can use this drive centre to make other small turning projects, not just lace bobbins. Available in 1MT and 2MT.


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