Rotur Lathe Alignment Tool

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  • Align spindle tapers after using your lathe in ‘outboard mode’
  • Available in 1 and 2 MT
  • Very high quality, Made in UK
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Speed up the re-alignment of the centres after using your lathe in ‘outboard mode’ with the Rotur Lathe Alignment Tool. When turning a big workpiece, you may have had to swivel the headstock around. This means that when you turn between centres again, the lathe centres have to align very accurately.

To align the headstock with the tailstock again, insert the Alignment Tool into the headstock’s spindle taper just like a traditional drive centre. Loosen the clamp to swivel the headstock around, then move the tailstock so that the other end of the Alignment Tool fits in the tailstock’s spindle taper. Tighten the tailstock slightly and then lock the headstock clamp to stop it from swivelling again. Slide the tailstock back and knock out the tool with the Rotur knockout bar (TKO265).

The Rotur lathe centres are machined from high-quality EN8M Steel. The one-piece design ensures the integral points cant work loose. Available in 1MT and 2MT. Made in the UK by Planet Plus Ltd


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