EZE-LAP Diamond Needle Files

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  • Diamond surface on a thick solid stainless steel substrate
  • Fine and Coarse grits available
  • High quality – Made in the USA
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The EZE-LAP Diamond Needle Files are ideal for engineering, woodworking, and DIY sharpening jobs thanks to the high quality diamond surface. The diamond surface on a solid stainless steel substrate. The ergonomic soft grip handles are colour coded to show which grit the file is. Red handles are fine grits, and purple handles are coarse. The files are supplied in a pouch.

Gunsmiths, tool and die makers, jewellers, stockmakers, rely on EZE-LAP needle files to get the job done. EZE-LAP offers twelve different shapes of diamond needle files. Two durable efficient grits are available – Fine (600 Grit) and Coarse (250 Grit). The overall length (O.A.L.) is 5.5 inches (14 cm) with a shank diameter of 0.118 inches (3 mm).

By using an EZE-LAP product, high quality and consistent finishes can be achieved on your tools. No oil or water is necessary, the surface will remain true and flat.

High quality – Made in the USA

Code Description
EZ601C Round, Coarse Grit (250)
EZ602C Square, Coarse Grit (250)
EZ603C Three Square, Coarse Grit (250)
EZ604C Half Round, Coarse Grit (250)
EZ605C Flat Warding, Coarse Grit (250)
EZ606C Knife, Coarse Grit (250)
EZ608C Hand, Coarse Grit (250)
EZ609C Crossing, Coarse Grit (250)
EZ610C Barrette, Coarse Grit (250)
EZ611C Round Edge Joint, Coarse Grit (250)
EZ612C Sitting, Coarse Grit (250)
EZ613C Pippin, Coarse Grit (250)
EZ601F Round, Fine Grit (600)
EZ602F Square, Fine Grit (600)
EZ603F Three Square, Fine Grit (600)
EZ604F Half Round, Fine Grit (600)
EZ605F Flat Warding, Fine Grit (600)
EZ606F Knife, Fine Grit (600)
EZ608F Hand, Fine Grit (600)
EZ609F Crossing, Fine Grit (600)
EZ610F Barrette, Fine Grit (600)
EZ611F Round Edge Joint, Fine Grit (600)
EZ612F Sitting, Fine Grit (600)
EZ613F Pippin, Fine Grit (600)

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Round, Square, Three Square, Half Round, Flat Warding, Knife, Hand, Crossing, Barrette, Round Edge Joint, Slitting, Pippin


Fine, Coarse