Rotur Pen Blank Trimming Tools

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  • High-quality steel trimming tool for pen blanks in two sizes
  • Precise cuts ensure smooth and accurate finish for pen kits
  • Must-have tool to avoid gaps and achieve a professional-looking finish
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The Rotur Pen Blank Trimming Tool is made of high-quality heat-treated steel and comes in two sizes for slimline pens and larger pens, enabling users to achieve a professional-looking finish with ease.

If you fail to trim pen blanks before turning and assembly, gaps may appear in the finished pen. However, the tool’s sharp cutting edge allows for precise cuts to your pen blanks, ensuring a smooth and accurate finish.

The PBT1, with a smaller trimming head at 16mm, is compatible with 7mm pens. On the other hand, the PBTK04 and PBTK05 have bigger shafts and a 25mm head, making them suitable for bigger pen kits. All of these tools can be mounted in a drill chuck or in the Rotur ‘Deluxe’ or ‘Universal’ Pen Mandrel.

The Rotur Pen Blank Trimming Tool is an essential tool for any pen maker’s toolkit. Its high-quality construction and precision cutting edge guarantee a professional-looking finish on your pens, free from gaps and other imperfections.

Shafts for 7mm pen kits, 16mm head: PBT1
Shafts for 8.5, 9.5 & 10mm pen kits, 25mm head: PBTK04
Shafts for 7, 8.5, 9.5 & 10mm pen kits, 25mm head: PBTK05

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