Rotur Pen Mandrel & Support Centre Kit

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  • Well suited for both novices and professional turners
  • Includes Mandrel, Support Centre, & 3 pen bushings
  • Support center for quick, easy, & precise pen turning
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The Rotur Original Pen Mandrel & Support Centre Kit is designed and manufactured in the UK for both pen turning novices and professionals. The kit includes the Original Pen Mandrel and Support Centre, providing additional stability and support during the turning process. The kit also includes three 7mm pen bushings, which allow you to easily mount and turn pen blanks for 7mm slimline pen kits.

The Original Pen Mandrel features a unique design that allows for easy and precise clamping of the pen blank. The Support Centre helps to keep the pen blank centered and prevents it from flexing during the turning process, ensuring smooth and accurate results. With this kit, you can create high-quality handmade pens quickly, easily, and with precision.


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