Rotur Plastic Pen Boxes

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  • Durable plastic boxes with clear lid to showcase pens.
  • Available in two sizes for one or two pens.
  • Stylish and attractive design with clear plastic lid and black base.
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The Rotur Plastic Pen Boxes provide a stylish and practical solution for storing and displaying your pens. These boxes are made from durable plastic and have a clear lid that showcases your pens while keeping them safe. They are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for pen makers who sell their pens at craft fairs or online. The boxes come in two sizes, holding one or two pens, making them suitable for different styles and sizes.

The clear lid allows for easy viewing, making them perfect for gift-giving or showcasing your work. The box’s secure closure protects pens from dust and debris. In addition to their practical use, the Rotur Plastic Pen Boxes are stylish and attractive, with a clear plastic design that puts pens in focus and a black base that looks sleek and modern. These boxes are great for displaying pens in your workshop, at trade shows, or in your online store.

Overall, the Rotur Plastic Pen Boxes are a practical and stylish choice for pen makers and collectors. Their durable plastic construction, clear lid, and sleek design provide a convenient and attractive storage solution for your pens.

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Single (100 bulk pack): PBP1100
Double: PBP21
Double (100 bulk pack): PBP2100

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