Rotur 8mm Stainless Steel Comfort Ring Core

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  • Constructed from durable stainless steel
  • Outer face features a lightly brushed surface for enhanced adhesion during wood bonding with superglue
  • Designed with comfort fit for a snug and comfortable wearing experience, allowing ease of movement
  • Smooth interior contours gently to the finger, minimizing friction
  • Balances functionality, comfort, and durability, making it an excellent choice for crafting custom wooden rings with a secure and long-lasting bond
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The Rotur 8mm Comfort Ring Core, made of stainless steel, is meticulously designed with a lightly brushed surface on the outer face. This gentle brushing enhances the keying effect, facilitating better adhesion when bonding with wood using superglue.

Crafted with comfort fit in mind, this ring core ensures a snug and comfortable fit for prolonged wear. Its smooth interior contours gently to the finger, reducing friction and allowing for ease of movement.

The lightly brushed surface, while primarily functional for optimal adhesion, adds a subtle texture to the outer face. Though concealed within the wooden ring, this finish ensures a secure bond without compromising the overall aesthetic of the final product.

In summary, the Rotur 8mm Comfort Ring Core combines durability, comfort, and practicality, making it an ideal choice for crafting custom wooden rings with a secure and long-lasting bond.

Size F UK (3 US): RCC83
Size G 1/4 UK (3.5 US): RCC835
Size H 1/2 UK (4 US): RCC84
Size I 1/2 UK (4.5 US): RCC845
Size J 1/2 UK (5 US): RCC85
Size L UK (5.5 US): RCC855
Size M UK (6 US): RCC86
Size N UK (6.5 US): RCC865
Size O UK (7 US): RCC87
Size P UK (7.5 US): RCC875
Size Q UK (8 US): RCC888
Size Q 3/4 UK (8.5 US): RCC885
Size R 3/4 UK (9 US): RCC89
Size S 3/4 UK (9.5 US): RCC895
Size T 1/2 UK (10 US): RCC810
Size U 1/2 UK (10.5 US): RCC8105
Size V 1/2 UK (11 US): RCC811
Size W 3/4 UK (11.5 US): RCC8115
Size Y UK (12 US): RCC812
Size Z UK (12.5 US): RCC8125
Size Z+1 UK (13 US): RCC813
Size Z+1 1/2 UK (13.5 US): RCC8135
Size Z+2 1/2 UK (14 US): RCC814
Size Z+3 1/2 UK (14.5 US): RCC8145
Size Z+4 1/2 UK (15 US): RCC815

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F UK (3 US), G 1/4 UK (3.5 US), H 1/2 UK (4 US), I 1/2 UK (4.5 US), J 1/2 UK (5 US), L UK (5.5 US), M UK (6 US), N UK (6.5 US), O UK (7 US), P UK (7.5 US), Q UK (8 US), Q 3/4 UK (8.5 US), R 3/4 UK (9 US), S 3/4 UK (9.5 US), T 1/2 UK (10 US), U 1/2 UK (10.5 US), V 1/2 UK (11 US), W 3/4 UK (11.5 US), Y UK (12 US), Z UK (12.5 US), Z+1 UK (13 US), Z+1 1/2 UK (13.5 US), Z+2 1/2 UK (14 US), Z+3 1/2 UK (14.5 US), Z+4 1/2 UK (15 US)