Rotur 8mm Stainless Steel Inlay Ring Core

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  • The Rotur 8mm Inlay Ring Core is crafted from durable stainless steel, providing a reliable base for crafting custom rings.
  • Featuring a specialized groove, it allows for the seamless insertion of various inlay materials, including delicate wood veneers, enhancing creative possibilities.
  • The interior of the ring is designed with a smooth and rounded surface, ensuring a comfortable fit for the wearer.
  • Ideal for both seasoned artisans and hobbyists, this ring core combines durability, versatility, and comfort, making it suitable for a wide range of crafting projects.
  • With its thoughtful design and sturdy construction, the Rotur 8mm Inlay Ring Core offers endless opportunities for creating personalized and unique rings.
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The Rotur 8mm Inlay Ring Core presents an ideal canvas for crafting bespoke rings with a touch of personal flair. Crafted from robust stainless steel, this ring core boasts durability and reliability.

One of its standout features is the purpose-built groove, meticulously designed to accommodate a range of inlay materials, including delicate wood veneers. This allows for endless creative possibilities, enabling artisans to infuse their designs with unique textures and patterns.

Moreover, the interior of the ring is meticulously finished with a smooth and rounded surface. This thoughtful design ensures a comfortable fit for the wearer, promoting ease of wear throughout the day.

Whether you’re a seasoned jewelry maker or an enthusiastic hobbyist, the Rotur 8mm Inlay Ring Core provides a solid foundation for bringing your creative visions to life. With its combination of sturdy construction, versatile design, and comfortable fit, this ring core is the perfect starting point for crafting custom rings that are as distinctive as they are enduring.

Size F UK (3 US): RCI83
Size G 1/4 UK (3.5 US): RCI835
Size H 1/2 UK (4 US): RCI84
Size I 1/2 UK (4.5 US): RCI845
Size J 1/2 UK (5 US): RCI85
Size L UK (5.5 US): RCI855
Size M UK (6 US): RCI86
Size N UK (6.5 US): RCI865
Size O UK (7 US): RCI87
Size P UK (7.5 US): RCI875
Size Q UK (8 US): RCI888
Size Q 3/4 UK (8.5 US): RCI885
Size R 3/4 UK (9 US): RCI89
Size S 3/4 UK (9.5 US): RCI895
Size T 1/2 UK (10 US): RCI810
Size U 1/2 UK (10.5 US): RCI8105
Size V 1/2 UK (11 US): RCI811
Size W 3/4 UK (11.5 US): RCI8115
Size Y UK (12 US): RCI812
Size Z UK (12.5 US): RCI8125
Size Z+1 UK (13 US): RCI813
Size Z+1 1/2 UK (13.5 US): RCI8135
Size Z+2 1/2 UK (14 US): RCI814
Size Z+3 1/2 UK (14.5 US): RCI8145
Size Z+4 1/2 UK (15 US): RCI815

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F UK (3 US), G 1/4 UK (3.5 US), H 1/2 UK (4 US), I 1/2 UK (4.5 US), J 1/2 UK (5 US), L UK (5.5 US), M UK (6 US), N UK (6.5 US), O UK (7 US), P UK (7.5 US), Q UK (8 US), Q 3/4 UK (8.5 US), R 3/4 UK (9 US), S 3/4 UK (9.5 US), T 1/2 UK (10 US), U 1/2 UK (10.5 US), V 1/2 UK (11 US), W 3/4 UK (11.5 US), Y UK (12 US), Z UK (12.5 US), Z+1 UK (13 US), Z+1 1/2 UK (13.5 US), Z+2 1/2 UK (14 US), Z+3 1/2 UK (14.5 US), Z+4 1/2 UK (15 US)