Rotur 8mm Threaded 2-Piece Stainless Steel Ring Core

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  • Innovative two-piece design allows effortless customization with solid materials, maintaining sleek stainless steel edges
  • Introduces a new pinnacle of craftsmanship, seamlessly merging style with functionality
  • Crafted from premium stainless steel, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity
  • High-quality thread ingeniously combines benefits of comfort and inlay rings for unparalleled versatility
  • Boasts flawlessly smooth interior surface for ultimate wearer comfort, perfect for daily wear
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The Rotur 8mm Threaded 2-Piece Ring Core sets a new standard in craftsmanship, blending style with functionality. Crafted from premium stainless steel, this ring core ensures durability and longevity, promising a lasting foundation for your creations.

At its heart lies a high-quality thread, meticulously engineered for precision and reliability. This innovative feature combines the benefits of both comfort rings and inlay rings into a single, seamless design. Whether you’re seeking the comfort of a smooth interior or the versatility of inlay options, this ring core delivers on all fronts.

A distinguishing feature of this ring core is its two-piece design, allowing for effortless customization. A solid piece of timber, or any other desired material, can be securely glued into the core while retaining the sleek stainless steel edges. Despite its two-piece construction, the threads are impeccably crafted, seamlessly blending into the design for a polished finish.

Inside, the ring core boasts a flawlessly smooth surface, ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer. This attention to detail enhances the overall wearing experience, making it suitable for everyday use.

In summary, the Rotur 8mm Threaded 2-Piece Ring Core redefines versatility and craftsmanship. With its high-quality materials, innovative design, and superior comfort, it offers endless possibilities for creating personalized and enduring rings that stand the test of time.

Size F UK (3 US): RCT83
Size G 1/4 UK (3.5 US): RCT835
Size H 1/2 UK (4 US): RCT84
Size I 1/2 UK (4.5 US): RCT845
Size J 1/2 UK (5 US): RCT85
Size L UK (5.5 US): RCT855
Size M UK (6 US): RCT86
Size N UK (6.5 US): RCT865
Size O UK (7 US): RCT87
Size P UK (7.5 US): RCT875
Size Q UK (8 US): RCT888
Size Q 3/4 UK (8.5 US): RCT885
Size R 3/4 UK (9 US): RCT89
Size S 3/4 UK (9.5 US): RCT895
Size T 1/2 UK (10 US): RCT810
Size U 1/2 UK (10.5 US): RCT8105
Size V 1/2 UK (11 US): RCT811
Size W 3/4 UK (11.5 US): RCT8115
Size Y UK (12 US): RCT812
Size Z UK (12.5 US): RCT8125
Size Z+1 UK (13 US): RCT813
Size Z+1 1/2 UK (13.5 US): RCT8135
Size Z+2 1/2 UK (14 US): RCT814
Size Z+3 1/2 UK (14.5 US): RCT8145
Size Z+4 1/2 UK (15 US): RCT815

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F UK (3 US), G 1/4 UK (3.5 US), H 1/2 UK (4 US), I 1/2 UK (4.5 US), J 1/2 UK (5 US), L UK (5.5 US), M UK (6 US), N UK (6.5 US), O UK (7 US), P UK (7.5 US), Q UK (8 US), Q 3/4 UK (8.5 US), R 3/4 UK (9 US), S 3/4 UK (9.5 US), T 1/2 UK (10 US), U 1/2 UK (10.5 US), V 1/2 UK (11 US), W 3/4 UK (11.5 US), Y UK (12 US), Z UK (12.5 US), Z+1 UK (13 US), Z+1 1/2 UK (13.5 US), Z+2 1/2 UK (14 US), Z+3 1/2 UK (14.5 US), Z+4 1/2 UK (15 US)