Rotur Large Jr. Gentleman Gold Rollerball Pen Kit

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  • Elegant, high-end gold-plated rollerball pen kit
  • Smooth, consistent ink flow and comfortable grip
  • Features screw-on cap and converter, making it an ideal gift
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The Rotur Large Jr. Gentleman Gold Rollerball Pen Kit is a premium writing instrument that combines elegance, sophistication, and functionality. The kit includes a beautifully designed pen that features a sleek, gold-plated exterior and a balanced weight that ensures a comfortable grip.

The pen also comes with a high-quality rollerball refill that delivers a smooth and effortless writing experience. The rollerball tip glides effortlessly across the page, producing clear and precise lines that are easy to read.

The kit also includes a screw-on cap that protects the pen’s refill from drying out when not in use. Additionally, the kit comes with a beautiful presentation box that makes it an excellent gift for executives, professionals, and anyone who values the art of writing.

Overall, the Rotur Large Jr. Gentleman Gold Rollerball Pen Kit is a luxurious writing instrument that combines style, comfort, and functionality. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to elevate their writing experience and make a lasting impression.

To assemble the pen, a 37/64″ drill bit and the Large Jr. Gentleman Bushing Kit (PLGKIT) is required. A Large Jr. Gentleman Fountain Pen Kit (PLGF1) is also available .

Large Jr. Gentleman Gold Rollerball Pen Kit: PLGR1

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