Planet Transfer Centre Punch

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  • Transfer Punch marks hole centers on workpiece accurately.
  • Hardened steel point and knurled body for grip and control.
  • Made in the UK by Planet
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The Planet Transfer Centre Punch is a simple and very effective hand tool for marking the centres of an existing array of holes onto a workpiece below. For example, when two workpieces have been screwed together. Its hardened steel point marks the center of a hole with a small indentation that can then be used to guide a drill bit. The punch also features a knurled body for a comfortable grip and improved control during use. Made in the UK by Planet.

  1. Clamp the workpieces together in the required position.
  2. Place the cone of the Transfer Punch into the hole which is to be transferred.
  3. Push the body down until the face of the Transfer Punch touches the workpiece. This will support the punch perpendicular to the workpiece provided the face of the workpiece is not uneven.
  4. Tap the punch lightly with a hammer to mark the centre of the existing hole onto the workpiece below.

NB. if the upper workpiece is too thin for the size of the hole, the cone will be unable to centre correctly as it will rest on the workpiece below.

5-20mm: TP05
20-35mm: TP20

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